Rotary Club Of Ikeja Brings Joy To Patients, LASUTH Staff With Christmas Gifts

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Rotary Club of Ikeja this year made their annual visit to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH to spend the day with patients and staff of the hospital with gifts on Christmas Day.

The event which features donation of medical equipment, presentation of gift items to patients on admission and awards to outstanding staff has been a yearly ritual for the past forty years, and according to the club, was their legacy programme to mark Christmas day.

Speaking at the event this year, the President of the club, Rotarian Olumuyiwa Fagbola disclosed that the visit to LASUTH has become part of Rotary Club of Ikeja’s legacy which cannot be ignored by any president of the club.

“We are going to keep it going, the programme has been there for over 40 years, it is a legacy that any president coming in must touch and we must give things that are best required at the hospital having conducted the needs assessment.  We look forward to it every year; so, no President of Rotary Club of Ikeja will not want to come here on Christmas day.

He added that this year, the club donated life-saving equipment after the club has done needs assessment of what the hospital wanted.

“It’s different from giving hospital items or equipment, when you give some things that are basically required, it touches them and they feel very happy, and apart for the fact that we have been doing it for over forty years, we will continue to do it again and I pray by next year we are going to be here.

On the gifts for the staff, the president said: “Now, we have change some things, we use to buy them toast machine but we realized that those equipment can disappear in the course of the year, so what we have done this year is to give things that everybody can see such as plaque, they can put it in their wards and showcase it to encourage other members. It will be there for life unlike toast machines that can disappear.

The District Governor, Rotarian Jide Akeredolu, a medical doctor, in his remarks at the event commended the club for their enthusiasm towards the legacy programme and more especially to the growth of health care in the state.

He also thanked the club for remembering the sick and showing them love during the season which everyone talks of love and share it.

Urging individuals not to wait for clubs like this to come to the aid of the people, Akeredolu said as each person go round in their daily business as the year is rounding up, they should remember the less fortunate and try to help the less privilege. “Build a legacy in LASUTH and you will be remembered for it.”

He admonished the hospital management to make judicious use of the equipment which he said is of high standard.

A Past District Governor of District 9110, PDG Julius Adelusi-Adeluyi, in his remarks disclosed that the programme started in December, 1973 when the hospital was just a little cottage as at that time “and the visit caught the attention of the government in 1977 which later improved the hospital.”

Commending the club for the equipment which he attested to be of high quality, he also urged individuals to always remember the less privilege and stop accumulating wealth that will not be useful for them in later years.

“Vanity upon vanity, all this accumulation of unnecessary wealth is one of the problems of the nation but if we can all follow the Rotary Four Way Test, it will be better, ”he said.

Thanking the club for the donation and visit, the Chief Medical Director, LASUTH, Prof.  Adetokunbo Fabamwo said the Rotary Club of Ikeja has done very well because this time around they have really given the hospital what they needed.

“This time around they asked for what we really needed and luckily we had prepared a wish list which we had been given to prospective benefactors and they used that wish list to buy all these things they have given us, so the impact of that is that all the things they brought for us are things that we need, they are things that will be useful to us.

“So in this regard, this year’s outing has been a monumental success. You will recall that this has been going on for 45 years and each year, the Rotary Club of Ikeja brought smiles to the faces of our patients, of our staff, we always enjoy fellowshipping with them and this year has not been different. We are really happy to have them here, we pray that our association with Rotary Club of Ikeja will continue definitely and it will outlive all of us because they are doing a lot to assist the hospital especially at Christmas time,”he said.

He added: “I am very proud to be a Rotarian today seeing what the Rotary club of Ikeja has done and of course I know what rotary stands for, so when I see it being implemented by various clubs like Ikeja which is high flying club in its own rights, in the districts, there is no way you will talk about top clubs and you will not talk about Rotary club of Ikeja.”

Urging other clubs and individuals to come to the aid of health institutions in the country, the CMD said It has come to a point that health care in Nigeria cannot be left in the hands of government alone; “the government has even finally come out to admit that it cannot do it alone and therefore we who manage each of these institutions has been urged to reach out to philanthropists, high network individuals, high network corporate organisations to come and assist you know a lot of our individuals can bring funds that will make an impact in various hospitals.

“I know that for some of our Nigerians, is nothing to put down N500million to build a new emergency unit but you see, they do not know that such assistant is needed, may be nobody has been going to them, that may explain why things like that are not happening. For us, we have taking the plunge, we have employed a consultant to brand us and then market us to all these companies and the individuals and let them know our area of need and we have even told them that people can have places they name after them, if you build us a unit, we can name it after you, we have such an authority to do that and we are on that route and I believe that it will work for us, “he said.

Medical equipment such as Drip Scan, Oxygen gauge, Wheel chairs, Stretchers, Bed sheets among others and   running into millions of naira was donated to the hospital at the event as well as outstanding staff and departments were awarded.


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