Top Notch Hygiene, Adherence To WHO Guidelines, Panacea To Curbing COVID-19, Says Speakers At LASU Virtual Training

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As the World still struggles to find a permanent cure to the global pandemic, Coronavirus,a team of panelists has stated that since there was no cure for now,the best panacea to fighting the virus should be top notch hygiene as well as strict adherence to the World Health Organisation ( WHO) guidelines.
This was stated at the 3rd Lagos State University virtual training for staff and students titled: “COVID19: SAFE WORK PRACTICES AFTER THE LOCKDOWN”.
 The well attended session was moderated by the Deputy Vice Chancellor( Administration),Prof. Oyedamola Oke.
Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Y.A Kuyinu,associate professor, Department of Community Health& Primary Health,Lagos State University College of Medicine( LASUCOM) who spoke on “EXPOSURE SOURCES IN THE WORK PLACE” stated that at this stage of community transmission,staff and students must be wary of their activities, whenever the Institution resumes. She listed   shuttle buses,market,work stations,toilets,tables,door handles,computers, laptops,keyboards,surfaces and more as sources of transmission and infection. She warned staff and students to be watchful and play their parts in curtaining the virus.Kuyinu advised that all,staff,students and other members of the university community must make the wearing of face masks mandatory and maintain topnotch hygiene practice,these she added would go a long way in battling the pandemic.Dr. Onajole, Department of Community Health and Primary Health,Lagos State University College of Medicine( LASUCOM). He tslked on “PROMOTION& CREATION OF SAFE WORK PLACE”He noted that to fight the pandemic headlong,the promotion of healthy workplace, admistartively and otherwise is key. He vowed that work place would not be the same again like what was obtainable before COVID19,stating that staff must adjust to the new  reality,of working from home,virtual meetings,trainings and more. He cautioned students as well,saying there would be disruption to academics,as online or virtual lectures would be the new order,which they should embrace.Equally,he toed the line of the first speaker,urging members of the university community,staff,students,visitors and others to ensure wearing of masks,proper hand washing with soap,closing the tap with the elbow to avoid contracting the virus,the use of alcohol based hand sanitizer,social and physical distancing as stated by the World Health Organisation (WHO).”At this critical time,the University must be flexible on the sick leave policy,this would assist members of staff in caring for those loved ones that are sick. “Encourage staff and students to work from home, make use of virtual meeting than face to face or physical meeting”. He added that the 3ps of health,preventive,promotive and proactive would come handy at this critical period. “Staff and students must be conscious of their roles and training of staff on prevention of infectious diseases,he advised are very important as he rounded off.The Provost,Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education,Prof. Bidemi Lafiaji- Okuneye added her voice to the discussion as she talked on”STUDENTS PREPARATION AND PROTECTION”.The Provost averred that students are adolescents and would always behave like one,but,this period is not for hugs,kisses,handshakes when they resume. She pointed out  empahtically that they must let go all form of socialisation at this period. She agreed that the lockdown has deprived them of seeing their friends,classmates for long time,but,warned that the pandemic could be spread through all forms of socialisation,hence,they must avoid such and embrace social as well as physical distancing,for,now. She also admonished the students to put on hold all kinds of social trips,including social events at this critical time.” For now,avoid hugging,pecks,kisses, handshakes etc. Embrace physical distancing and the constant use of face masks as protection,which the university must enforce. “Always wash your hands with soap and water. This is the time for students to act as advocates and ambassadors of COVID19 by enlightening their peers on its dangers”Furthermore,she was of the view that there would be serious fallout of COVID19,especially in students,in the form of depression,hopelessness and others. The Provost told the Management this is the time to activate the Counselling Unit of the University to offer their services, online by interfacing with students that need help.She called on the students to avoid negative lifestyle,asking them to shun alcohol, use of hard substance,unhealthy practices which could expose them to COVID19. She added they could get busy with hands on entrepreneurship training,book reading,watching movies and doing positive things that would boost their morales. She ended her talk by saying if any student is sick,such student should stay at home and seek medical treatment before returning to the campus.The Director,Health Services,Lagos State University,Dr. Nasir Ariyibi shared his view on the topic” HEALTH SERVICES POST LOCKDOWN”.The Director assured staff and students the centre was ready for post lockdown,especially when the university resumes. He mentioned that the Health Centre was fully prepared as far back as when the first index case was recorded.He stated that the centre went on LASU Radio and used the official bulletin of the university for enlightenment on COVID19,to sensitise the university community. He said that though the Health Services was capable of managing a suspected case till he would be transferred to the isolation centre,adding that no cause for alarm as the health care personnel of the centre have been adequately trained to mitigate such cases.He mentioned that the Management was proactive by providing handsanitizers,then,for use in the university community. ” Our personnel are well trained to handle suspected cases till the case is transfered to the isolation centre. We are well equipped,hand gloves,face masks,protective masks etc,we have them and our staff trained to give their best”,he said.He informed there were plans to establish telemedicine which would reduce the pressure and number of patients coming to the health centre. He added that some staff have been trained to handle cases ,where staff,students could be talked to online on what to do,especially minor health cases.Dr. Ariyibi finally appealed to members of the university,staff and students to always wash their hands with soap and water as well as use the face masks,adhere strictly to the guidelines,saying that if we all work together,we would fight COVID19 to a standstill.End.

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