Post COVID-19: Investment In IT Key To Advertising Subsector- MIPAN

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By Saidat Alausa

………Says Food and Beverage Subsector will lead advertising industry

Executive Secretary, Media Independent Practitioners Association Of Nigeria, MIPAN, Mr. Eki Adzufeh has expressed conviction that investing in technology is very important post COVID-19.

In an exclusive interview with Brand Visibility, he said the current situation has taught agencies that even with lock down or any unforeseen circumstances, work can still be going on with technology. “Therefore, investment in technology is no longer an option but the only option.”

According to him, things will be changed for the better and “the theme song will be innovation and more agencies will be more technologically driven with fewer people.

“Though human beings drive the innovation but any agency that continues to do things the traditional way will hardly survive.”

He noted that there will be top notch professionalism at work.

He added: “There will be less extravagance but more accountability both from the employers and employees.”

On the sector that will drive advertising industry post COVID-19, the seasoned media specialist expected that food and beverage sector will top the advertising industry.

“With reduced or reducing purchasing power, spending will be highly priotized. People will go more for essential things and food is more essential than anything else.”

Adzufeh also said alcoholic beverage will also fair well. “This is because a lot of people might be assumed to resort to more drinking to while away sorrows.

” Having this kind of understanding, breweries will do more advertising especially low end of the market brands. Pharmaceuticals companies should also do well in this regard for obvious reasons.

On likely implication of current situation on advertising industry, the media expert said the advertising industry is badly affected with the lock down especially considering the way the business has been carried out over the years.

“However, it portends a great opportunity to rethink our business modules, how to service clients with more virtual contacts than physical contacts. Most importantly we have to look at a way to go on with minimum costs and marginal profitability.”

He therefore advised operators to think and be ready to do things differently post COVID-19, that will add more value than still having business as usual mentality. “We have been talking about mergers and acquisitions in the industry. Maybe this is the best time to begin.”

On the controversy over 5G telecommunications technology and the COVID-19 pandemic, Adzufeh said the operators have not done enough because they are not giving enough education to the public on the issue thereby giving rooms for speculations and fake news.

“I am not even sure if the operators in our clime have ample information about this or there are some truths in what people are talking about its negative effect. Otherwise, they should get experts who know much about it and communicate same information by way of education to the common man in a very simple language they can understand. Until that is done, the fear about 5G will continue to generate speculations and backlash.”

Speaking on the ‘stop order’ by Coca-Cola, he explained that it might look like they are suspending advertisements but looking at it critically, “you will note that the announcement they put out to that effect still carries their logo which is still some form of advertising.

“Remember also that Coca-Cola is a brand that was advertising even during World War. So they have a way of advertising in a subtle way all the time and they are supplying directly to neighbourhood shops and homes in a way. It will therefore be disastrous for any brand to blindly tow their line because they might suffer for it.

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