Ibile Forum LASU Debuts, Honours VC With Excellence Award

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…..Showcases History, Culture, Heritage at Maiden Event

The five divisions in Lagos State; Ikeja, Badagry, Ikorodu, Lagos and Epe represented by staff of the Lagos State University, Ojo, under the auspices “Ibile Forum” on Thursday celebrated their heritage and culture as well as their achievements in the university at the maiden edition of the forum.

The Chairman of the Forum, Dr. Habeeb Abiodun Sanni  said that colourful event held at the university auditorium, was aimed at bringing the indigenes from all the five divisions of the state together in order to have a common front for development.

He said to the members; “It is important to state that many of us gathered today have over the years tried to showcase our history and culture at separate university programmes, we have also tried to establish a common front to meet and discuss issues that are germane to the development of our only university but we have come to realized that it is better to come together in forums like this to enhance development of our culture as well as the university.”

He added that the indigenes are so passionate about the university’s development and the need to ensure that it continues to serve as the training ground for manpower development of Lagos State and Nigeria.

“I must state clearly that we do not intend to engage in any struggle with non-indigenes in LASU rather we are all partners in its development.

“However, we shall try to ensure that the rights of our people as enshrined in the university statutory laws are not trampled on,” he disclosed.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun in his remarks reiterated that the IBILE day symbolizes that Lagosians are given a pride of place in what is theirs. “We do not advocate that some people should go. All of us must come together and work as one in LASU.”

“The orientation in LASU has changed. Unlike before, all of us- Unions, staff, students are all working in unison. Without peace, we will not have development. All the investors coming to LASU won’t be coming if there was no peace. There is no conflict between the indigenes and non-indigenes, the forum is just for us to sustain what we have.

“Today, this initiative is to protect the peace that we have. And to do this, we need everybody on board,” he added.

Earlier in his speech, the chairman of the programme, Dr. Ade Dosunmu said there was the need to make sure that indigenes in the state takes its rightful place in issues that concerns the state. The last time I was here was 25years ago and I can tell you this is not what was on ground.  Coming back here today, I see that the environment has changed, the orientation has changed, there is a new culture of excellence. I can now understand the reason behind the new slogan: “We are LASU.. We are proud.”

“Let us not look at this platform as an opportunity to promote mediocrity.  Our people must strive to be the best and we must make sure that the best of our people are the ones we promote to the position of responsibility.

“We must let people know that as Lagosians, we are decent people, we are well-read and we are responsible. We thank God for the giant strides that we have recorded through the Vice Chancellor. But one day, he must leave. He has laid a good foundation. We must get involved in who succeeds him and ensure that while he is still here, we give him the needed support.”

The Keynote speaker, Prof Imran Oluwole Smith said it gladdens the heart to have a forum like this where indigenes come together to sustain what was achieve in the university as well as the state but he however said in advocating for the rightful place they should not celebrate mediocrity.

“We need to make sure that indigenes placement both at the university and the state should be on merit because that is the only way we can sustain what we have in the university now as well as the state.

Speaking on the topic: Lagos for Lagos, ‘Past, Present And Future: LASU: An Inevitable Nexus between Lagos and its Development,’ Prof Smith urged the university to do more on entrepreneurship and help the students to conceive ideas that can make their future as well as make the university proud after graduation.

Speaking on the sub theme: ‘Sustainability of the Giant Strides in LASU,’ an Alumnus of the university, Dr. Hakeem Ajonbadi said the essence of the programme is the fact that every stakeholder in the university has seen that something has changed and there is the need to protect it.

“It shows that our orientation has changed, we have realize that we need to work together to sustain what we have and that is good for the university.”

Saying that the cosmopolitan nature of the state must not be taken for granted not to give indigenes their rightful place, Dr Ajonbadi however said indigenes needs to have merit to get their rightful place.

“The fact that we have welcomed everybody does not mean we don’t know who we are but let us work on ourselves academically and other aspects to get our rightful place.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun was presented award of excellence at the occasion.The chairman of the occasion, Dr. Ade Dosumu and the keynote speaker, Prof. Imran Oluwole Smith were also presented with an award.

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