Bells University Leads In Cutting Edge Initiatives, Says Convocation Speaker Lumumba

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The Bells University of Technology has been identified as one institution which focuses on cutting edge initiatives among others.

Speaking to Brand Visibility on arrival from Kenya, the Convocation Lecturer, Dr Patrick Lumumbasaid:” that Bells University has positioned itself as a university focused on cutting edge initiatives that will impact in the 21st century”.

He was received on arrival in Lagos as part of the preparation for the 2019 convocation ceremony of the University in Ota which holds on November 2nd, 2019 where Dr Lumumba will be a guest speaker along with other dignitaries.

While speaking about the 2019 graduates in positioning towards achieving sustainable development goals in the nearest future, Dr Lumumba said that he has no doubt that the university has trained and examined the graduates and that with the training they have received over the years in their respective area of study would have equiped them not only to participate in the Nigerian economy, but in the African and the world economy to achieve these goals respectively,

Dr Lumumba who in response to the state of Africa in the world Economy, dwelled on the evergreen subject of globalization, Africa Agenda 2063, and the African continent Free trade area are the composition that Africa must undertake if she has to harness the dividends of the 21st century and the 4th industrial revolution.

Lumumba who described himself a half-baked Nigerian said on the recent border closure said that Nigeria is a big brother on the continent and it is important that she protect smaller economy.

He further explained that the closure of the border between Nigeria and Benin wouldn’t solve the problem of rice and other products being smuggled into the country. He further advised the government to open the border and should treat Benin as should be treated; a smaller brother.

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