Rotary Club Of Ikeja Set To Inaugurate Fagbola As New President

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……………My target is to increase membership, fund

The Rotary Club of Ikeja under district 9110 will on Sunday, 21st of July at the Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja inaugurate a new president, Rotarian Muyiwa Fagbola for the rotary year, 2019/2020.

In an interview with Brand Visibility, the President said the investiture which will start at 2pm will have in attendance the Asoju of Lagos and the Chairman of Premier Lotto, Sir. Kensington Adebukola Adebutu who is the Guest of Honour and the Guest Speaker Mrs. Ibukun Awosika, the Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria Limited.

According to him, the club will also be raising 35 million to do rotary projects. “And what do we want to raise the money for, to do more of humanitarian projects this rotary year. “In rotary you are been guided by the type of humanitarian projects that you do and  it dovetail into what we call six areas of focus. It shouldn’t go out of that area of focus and you are encourage to do at least one project in those six areas of focus during the persons tenure and that is what we do over the years.

“You can do two depend of the availability of funds but you must at least touch one of the six areas of focus. The first one is education and literacy; second one is disease prevention and treatment.  The third one is maternal and childcare, fourth is water and sanitation, the fifth one is economic and community development, the sixth is peace and conflict resolution.

“Rotary club of Ikeja has been in existence for over 52 years and for that period we have been doing humanitarian services and of course as you know Rotary is an association of business and professional persons united worldwide in undertaking humanitarian services advancing ethical standards in business professions and of course in promoting goodwill and peace in the world through its international services locally and internationally.

“And of course that is what Rotary does and that is what we also do in local level clubs and in particular Rotary Club of Ikeja. And this rotary year that is what we also intend to do.

Explaining how the club intends to touch the areas of target, Fagbola said summarily for the education and literacy  the club want to renovate a block of three class rooms at Ikeja Junior High School which  they have adopted and also have toilet facilities for them. “We want to also equip those classes with modern chairs and tables and again to have an e-learning class where it is going to be an interactive learning not the conventional one. 

“For the disease prevention and treatment, basically we will be doing roll back malaria, we will be given our adopted community at Agidingbi, treated mosquito nets and of course we also intend to go to LASUTH which we do every year on Christmas day to add value and put smile on the faces of the patients, give them equipment, government cannot do it alone so as Rotary that’s what we do to partner with government and ensure that people get a better life. 

“And of course we will be doing cervical cancer screening in partnership with our district office because we have come to realize that cervical cancer is second most deadly cancer after breast cancer and what we are doing is to give vaccine from the ages of 9 to 14 years old for prevention. 

“For maternal and childcare we are going to be visiting Modupe Cole in Akoka, this is where you have children with disjointed growth, the special need children and for water and sanitation we are going to be doing an international projects with Rotary club of Seme, Republic of Benin and finally we have economic and community development. Through this project, we add value to the market men and women, we have been doing that for years. We have an adopted community in Isolo, and we give the traders interest free loan as small as N25,000 to 40 beneficiaries for three months to trade.

“Of course we do empowerment projects. This year we are going to be doing it for our adopted communities, we have in Agidingbi, we have the Ikorodu community, we have the FSD community and we have the Nigeria Air force  Wives Association vocational centre and we give them equipment so that when students graduated from that school, they will have equipment to start off and don’t forget it is not easy to get loan from these micro-finance. 

“What we now is to give them this equipment and help them to start up their life and they are less dependent and gradually they will be an employer of labour and finally peace and conflict resolution as part of six areas of focus and this year we are going to go to the IDP camp in Igando where we intend to donate relieve materials to the people there.”

On his plan for the year, Rotarian Fagbola said the Rotary international plan this year is in two ways one, to grow membership and of course to increase funding into Rotary foundation. “The Rotary foundation is the avenue where we use money globally to support international projects. Two, to increase membership, when you have membership increase in numbers, more people will pay their dues and pay money into the rotary foundation,  which foundation also dovetail into projects for the community. 

“When we took off in July first, we inducted two members and we plan to grow our members about 10% this year so we are about 48 but before the end of the year we should have not less than 54 members. We can still grow more, right now we have done two and before the end of the year we plan to do four by our budget but as time goes on we believe that we should be able to do more than that, because the more the merrier. 

On the projects lined up for the year, he said he is sure of the execution of all by the end of the Rotary year. “When Rotarian present projects in line with our four way test, The truth, and these are things they have been budgeted for and they are going to be done by the grace of God this year.”

Explaining how the club wants to raise fund, the expert in banking sector said Rotary raise funds through friends, members, from families, acquaintances and corporate organisations that believe in the work of rotary. “We reach out to them and that is part of the things we are going to do at the investiture, Its going to be investiture for the president and the induction of the board of directors as well as funds raising and these are the areas where we put money together to fund these projects.”

On what he wants to be remembered for after his tenure, the president said he intends to do an international project. “And will be done with the Rotary club of Seme, Benin Republic because we can see they need our assistance. 

“I want to do an international project that will be remembered that this year we did this apart from the regular one that we do but of course raise enough money in terms of Rotary foundation. We plan to raise about 20,000 dollars or more this rotary year so that we can use that money internationally to ensure that Rotary continue to do the good works which we are known for.


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