OAAN AGM: Time To Consolidate


THE Annual General Meeting of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria which held this month, without any doubt, marked a significant leap in the quest of the highly visible sectoral group in the advertising sub-sector, to shake off the challenges it has been confronted with over the years and chart a new course for the benefits of the business and its members.
After two tenures spanning four years of leading the association and making substantial contributions to the growing influence of OAAN and making the difference in the lots of members and their businesses, the Tunde Adedoyin-led Executive Council will step down at this year’s AGM and new of¬ficers are expected to emerge to build on their achievements and identify fresh opportunities for the business of out-of-home advertising in spite of daunting economic challenges that have refused to abate even as fresh ones lie ahead.
In spite of constant war the outgoing regime fought with government regulating agencies, who have continued to see the outdoor advertising business as sources of revenues for successive governments in power, the outgoing regime no doubt got bruised, possibly with scars but at least has something to show at the end of the battle. Among others, getting rate reduction from a number of the regulatory agencies and some other concessions was not a mean accomplishment.
Having gone this far in four years, it is expected that the new executive council of the association will consolidate on this to negotiate with other states and Abuja to enable them to regulate the business of out of the home to the benefits of the business and the operators, notably members of the association. It is just necessary that the needed breath for many member- organizations to come back to life in their operations must be provided not only to preserve existing jobs but to also ensure that the challenging ones are assisted to bounce back.
In this edition, we also serve you a deep insight into the complex world of the telecommunication companies since they started operations in 2001. The competition, challenges in Nigeria and opportunities this sector has provided are not just enormous but also critical to the overall development of key sectors of the economy and key sectors. In an economy as big and large as Nigeria’s, the telcos are on tough turf in order to remain relevant and in business.
We examined a lot of issues in this regard concerning their operations and the opportunities they have bestowed on the other areas of our national life and our daily living as a people.

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