Daktronics: We Are Proud To Be Part Of OAAN’s AGM

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At the Annual General Meeting of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria held at the weekend in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Ahmad Dahmash, the Regional Manager for Daktronics, in the Middle East and Africa who was part of the colourful event in this interaction with Saidat Alausa of Brand Visibility explained how his company’s products have been cooperating and closely working with outdoor companies in Nigeria. Excerpts:

About Daktronics?

Daktronics is Engineering Company and founded back in 1968. We specialize in electronic screens. We have many functions; we do everything from A to Z.  We are established in 17 countries. We have handled installations in more than 120 around the world. Ours is an engineering company. The advantage is that it’s one-stop shop and we have been known for high quality products.

What brought you to Nigeria especially this AGM?

Part of our vision in Daktronics is advertisements, billboards and out of home. We support out-of-home business, so part of our efforts is to improve advertisements either for indoor and outdoor, digital screen for applications such as billboards in the streets, retail business. We are sponsor of OAAN’s AGM. Daktronics also always all the time helps the economy from perspective of business owners as well to help them to generate money by supporting them and given them all the trends. So here we are going to share the trends in the market and share the latest technologies which should be useful for business owners and service providers to increase their market shares.

How are you prepared to grow the industry in Nigeria?

Definitely, we always look at Nigeria as a big market and from all perspectives if you want to catch up with technology, Nigeria is very educated. People love quality as well as want to move to higher and latest technologies.  This will be very helpful and we are introducing the new products obviously to increase the space of advertisements and generate more revenues and of course create new highbrow and the new smart cities. This is the trend and moving to new environments with the new technologies will help that as well.

What’s your assessment of the industry?

This is not my first time in Nigeria, I have been coming here for many years and things have changed, I see that people appreciate quality right now. I have been coming since 2010 and it’s really nice coming here. I love the association that you are running over here. It’s great. But this is the first time we are participating in this association’s AGM and I think this time of the year’s sale is a bit slow but definitely we are looking to the future to be better. So, what I have seen of the AGM is that, it’s well organized, needs a little bit of polishing and speakers spoke in the right direction.

How would you describe the interaction you have had with operators at the event?

I will say all our communications and the contacts were with team from the association and they‘ve been very responsive, on time and very professional from what we have seen.

Are your products already in Nigeria?

Yes, that’s why I accept in coming here, for a long time actually we have a lot of products in Nigeria from high profiles to local companies. We have more than 25 sites with digital screens and electric space around Lagos.

In what specific ways are you ready to change the landscape in your area considering that your type of products?

The advantage of Daktronics is that when we manufacture our screens we manufacture at top quality regardless where in the country, in which country it will go afterwards.

Our products are very high quality performance so they can be well established in any country especially in Nigeria where humidity  is high, temperature and rain.

They are well oriented to be suitable for this market. From all perspective we look always at Nigeria as a big market and we always look into expanding the business and for the potential of opening of an office here.

What are your plans to do things differently?

Daktronics in the past always looked at top quality products all the time and where the market has been kind of trying to switch to more technical products as long as they keep the same quality, we will be looking into having different tiers of products.

So, right now, Daktronics is offering different tiers of products. It’s going to be more suitable for out-of-home business especially to meet the eyes and quicker return on investments. We definitely change in the last years to have more solutions that can meet standards and keep the same reputation and quality that Daktronics has been known for. So we are having different tiers right now to accommodate different and more customers.

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