Celebrating King Sunny Ade

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MANY will want to contend this assertion that stars are born and not made out of the blues. The fact of life, however, points to the responsibilities required of the individual for the star in them to blossom and be acknowledged not only by people around them but also globally. Certain fundamentals about life, however, will help immensely to boost the potential in the individual to get to the pinnacle in any endeavor in life. An attitude such as perseverance that boosts one’s attainment of the highest altitude in any chosen field is one true indicator of what produces giants. It is not enough to attribute what makes such happen to good luck but also other factors as commitment, consistency, passion and dogged determination in the pursuit of one’s passion, among others.

These are some of the attributes that are found to have combined together and which no doubt has led to the ascendancy of Otunba Sunday Ishola Adegeye, popularly known as King Sunny Ade (or simply KSA) home and abroad to the pinnacle of world music. Without doubt, the legendary status of KSA in music is incontestable and his dominance of the juju genre of music is also without contention having remained at the top continuously and consistently for over five decades.

When KSA celebrated his 70th birthday three years ago, the celebration was with a difference as his fans both young and old gathered to honor him. When he decided to mark the 72nd birthday quietly in his expansive compound in the Igba area of his native Ondo Kingdom, what was supposed to be a quiet event with his immediate family members, however (though not unexpectedly) turned out to be another grand occasion to celebrate KSA again. Fans, admirers, friends, and associates arrived early to be part of the morning service at the family chapel located in the expansive estate cum country home of the legend.

This edition is specially packaged to celebrate the living legend of our time, KSA, now that he is alive to serve as inspiration for the future generation and in appreciation of what the past has delivered to the present generation. From all indications and backed by what those who have been close to him over the years observed and said as contained in this package, many aspiring to greater heights in the future have a compendium of what will boost that desire and help them to reach for the top.

KSA is not just a legendary musician but a successful brand and a music ambassador that has continued to be relevant across many generations of Nigerians. Other brands have a lot to learn and adapt from the KSA brand. Some of the things to learn or borrow are presented in this edition.
There is also, in this package, an update on the imbroglio between the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) and JC De Caux, caused by the latter’s “Irregular and Illegal ”entry into Nigeria’s Outdoor Advertising landscape. The issue is already before the court and we have only served part of the update here.

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