Hertz Cancels Car Reservations Due To Solar Eclipse

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So many people have been planning their late summer vacations around the solar eclipse, which happens later this month.

It can only be seen from certain parts of the United States, so people have been booking plane tickets and rental cars to make sure they get to their preferred spot to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But the car rental company reportedly cancelled reservations around the solar eclipse period on August 21, leaving some customers totally stranded.

According to BuzzFeed News and a handful of customer complaints on Twitter, Hertz reportedly made rob calls last week informing customers that their reservations had been cancelled due to overbooking — even for customers who had diligently made their reservations months in advance. Meanwhile, request for comment from Hertz was not immediately returned.

This is common in the car rental and airline industry: Hertz doesn’t want a bunch of cars sitting around their garages if people cancel, so they take as many reservations as possible — even taking your credit card info and everything. But sometimes not enough people cancel, and there are more bookings than cars available — so they have to cancel them. Again, this is especially annoying when you’re the savvy traveller who makes reservations way in advance.

It’s especially frustrating since the car rental company advertised all summer, encouraging people to get a rental car to drive and see the eclipse.

Renters also complained that Hertz had jacked up rental prices for the eclipse — so customers not only had their reservations cancelled, they had their expensive car reservations cancelled. At least there’s still some time for people to rework their travel plans, though many on Twitter feel they’re totally out of luck without a car.

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