What A Rounded Graphic Designer Needs To Know In Advertising

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Like many graphic design fields, working
in advertising takes the artist far beyond
creating designs and page layout. Apart
from the print ad. campaign, the designer
or artist is expected to have knowledge and
be versatile in the areas of marketing, public
relations and consumer psychology. Along with
the business side, a designer in the advertising
field will need to know a great deal about print
production and preparing works for print in
various publication and formats. Basically, the
graphic designer in the ad. Agency must be
able to design magazine advertisement, design
newspaper advertisement; perform market
research to aid the direction of his concepts;
perform consumer research, needs a thorough
understanding of the brand and must be able
to handle projects from design to production.
Some of the other areas the graphic designer
needs to watch out for in advertising design are:
Design strategy / concept, background of making
an advertisement, the headlines, subheads, body
copy, slogans to mention just a few. This essay
will discuss the above mentioned and possibly
conclude this episode in the next edition of the
one and only Brand Visibility magazine.

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