Teamwork As Platform For Achieving Corporate, Personal Objectives


The maiden retreat of the Landmark Group
At a recent leadership training retreat for the
Land Media Group, Dr. Emmanuel Akinsanmi
Babafemi, rpa, presents a paper on how working
together as a team helps the accomplisment of
both corporate and organisational goals.
atzenbach and Smith (1993), defined a
team as a small number of people with
complementary skills who are committed
to a common purpose, performance goals
and approach for which they hold themselves
mutually accountable.
Naresh Jain (2009), claims that teams
normally have members with complementary
skills and generate synergy through a coordinated
effort which allows each member to maximize
their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.
We can then opine that a team becomes
more than just a collection of people when a
strong sense of mutual commitment creates
synergy, thus generating performance greater
than the sum of the performance of its individual
A team is thus a group of people, but a group
does not necessarily constitute a team. Human
teams are especially appropriate for conducting
tasks that are high in complexity and have many
interdependent subtasks.
Objectives and Goals
Brand Visibility 40
Most times, the term objective
is interchanged with goal, purpose,
intentions, target, mission, end-point,
aim etc. At the corporate level, these
terms are distinguished to give specific
meanings; for example, Peterson, Jaret
and Schenck from
distinguish between objectives and
goals thus:

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