Danshiki Emerging Brand In Native Attire


The Danshiki is a unique attire that has
been here in a long while. And now, in
local fashion, it is currently trending for
both men and women in Nigeria and it is
also popular in West Africa. The Danshiki design
goes with any fabrics and it is sewn such that it
covers the top half of the body. It has formal and
informal versions which vary from simple draped
clothing to fully tailored suits. A common form is
a loose-fitting pullover garment, with an ornate
V-shaped collar, tailored and embroidered neck
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and sleeve lines.
The informal version is a traditional print
or embroidered Danshiki. Three formal versions
exist. The first type consists of a Danshiki, sokoto
(drawstring trousers), and a matching kufi. This
style is called a Danshiki suit or Danshiki trouser
set and it is the attire worn by fashion-conscious
grooms at wedding ceremonies. The second
version consists of an ankle-length shirt, matching
kufi, and sokoto called Senegalese kaftan. The
third type consists of Danshiki and matching
trousers. A flowing gown is worn over these. This
type is called grand boubou or agbada.
There are different styles of Danshiki suits
available from clothing stores. The type of shirt
included in the set determines the name.

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